Shadow wolf

a undead native amarican medicine man scout, that is passed by a recently converted cathilic cowboy demon.


after a vicious battle between two railroad companies, Alemwa a crow scout renounced all the white mans technology and embraced his new roll as a medicine man.

Alemwa changed his name to shadow wolf (super original), and went on a spirit quest to get guidance as to how he should live. during his quest his family bow was stolen by a man named waldo, the career criminal fled west and shadow wolf was sent after him by his totem the wolf.

on his journey shadow wolf met a few “friends”, whom nearly killed him. they soon parted ways not without the determined medicine man swearing he would never go to those people again.

after a short journey the lone wolf met a eccentric french scientist, whom proved to be more trouble then he is worth.

the short time the spent together, went tragic after they wore both killed (not unrelated to some of the worst luck, brought on by a jack-o-lope). the two soon arose from there graves by demons.

the medicine man consulted with the great spirits about what he should do, several spirits offered aid and the grateful medicine man accepted.

the “small” detour aside he finally arrived at his destination, then promptly got him self deputized by the newly elected sheriff. shortly there after he attempted to arrest the slippery waldo whom was contracted to destroy a rail station. the lone wolf failed, but determined he was as to not let the criminal get away again.

shadow wolf went to the rail station knowing he had to keep safe from waldo (at any cost). the watch went fine until several priests arrived to destroy the station them selves. the fight was swift and brutal, but the head priest turned the sky black to destroy the small town like Gomorrah. thats about the time shadow wolf noticed the bomb on the front porch, he took a desperate shot to put out the fuse…and succeeded.

the fight was even more brutal, but the medicine man managed to slay the priest with a kamikaze attack with the bomb waldo had so kindly provided (with the help of some of his old friends). shortly after he awoke from his deathly slumber, shadow wolf discovered the town was soon to be destroyed. the depressed medicine man was approached by yet another “friend” to find a lost reporter. the medicine man was soon set upon by horrific monsters, prompting the demon Belial A.K.A. Stanton creed to act.

Shadow wolf

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