Belial A.K.A. stanton creed


Belial A.K.A. Stanton creed has a very long history, stretching back before he was cast out with the others. he built up a reputation as a bit of a renegade and show off.

Belial was enjoying a stroll through a horrid battle field when he found a lovely vessel to impose his will unto the world, and to spread as much fear and chaos as posible.

the newly released Stanton creed, began with berating a few abominations with how pathetic they were and how he would teach them the meaning of pain. after being killed several time Belial finally stayed down. Belial desperately thought of a way to survive, so he pleaded with the only person with any mercy left for the foul demon…God. Belial renounced Satan and all his evil buddy’s, thus burning the flaming bridges of hell.

Belial A.K.A. stanton creed

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