marching ever onward into the future

a little fun while on vaction...

becomes an even bigger problem.
jacob whateley starts the new campaign on leave from the DDF which he was spending in tallulah. he was in on a game of cards along with jill, a dark haired stranger, and a local cattle baron. every body seemed to be winning besides the cowboy although much to jake’s annoyance he noticed jill was cheating like always but he didn’t bring it up because he was winning despite this. oddly enough a few minutes the baron accuses jacob of cheating much to jakes dismay. after claiming that he wasn’t cheating and the baron ignoring him the local called his boys into the coming bar fight.
it was short but all the more horrifying for that. cards seemed to scatter everywhere after jake drew his cavalry saber in response to man drawing his pistol. when the chaos settled the cowboys minions were shredded to pieces. the baron fled in terror a wanted man since he drew first.
one of the investors of the saloon Mr. Granger came to the people at the table and asked if they would act as body guards for a package he needed to send to his brother. they accepted and jill went to grandpa for permission to join the party. the reverend jarimiah wells then had a discussion with jacob about getting his granddaughter back safely.
the next day they got on the train to Colorado Springs. there was a card game on board won not by jacob for once but by a snotty Englishman by the name of sir Charles. the train was attacked by bandits led by one eyed bobby. the ghost rock engine blew up the train but the party and their horses amazingly enough made it out of the wreckage. jacob outed himself to the english man and selfy by killing several surviving bandits with soul blast. that done the Englishman pulled a gatling pistol and killed the rest.
jacob also revealed his status as a DDF member to organize the survivors. that night on watch while the rail workers went for transport for all the passengers jacob shot a jackalope but the bad luck must have catched because he was ambushed by the Englishman who turned out to be a union agent. he said for jacob being both a traitor and a practitioner of the dark arts he owed the agency a big favor.

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