jillian wells

jill: a jack of all trades...


particularly the dishonest ones. jill takes after her mother being blonde, blue eyed, and barely over 5 feet. jill has a mischievous nature. she likes using explosives.


jill was raised in texas and loved her grandfather dearly but couldn’t stand her father so she decided to run away from home at the age of 13. unfortunately she was not prepared for life in the wild west alone. starving she did any work she could from pickpocketing, to gambling, to performing to even less savory and lady like things. during her time on the road she met the owner of black river and dully impressed her. ms devlin keeps a close eye on her and occasionally does her a favor.
at the time of the denver riots jill was an acrobat for a traveling show when the theater was burned by protesters. she has learned to use her own dance steps as a form of combat having observed a monkey style master in her show.
her worst nightmare is of hunger and starvation. she would do anything not to go back to the starvation of her childhood

jillian wells

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