jarimiah wells

a ranger turned reverend turned monster hunter


jarimiah is 6’ tall has long gray hair and slate gray eyes. he tends to wear a worn duster while traveling but has a confederate dress uniform and also his sunday suit.
he is generally a southern gentleman but when angered he acts vary much like the baptist preacher stereo type he is.
when confronting the supernatural he tends to fall back on his training of shot it or recruit it.


as a young man he joined the war for Texas independence as a ranger. he stayed in the rangers and ended up fighting in the civil war as apart of the rangers cavalry unit as a captain. many a supernatural horror did he face until in 68 he was hit in the leg by the black regiment.
he retired after that turning to god. feeling that gods children should be helping each other not hurting one another in a world that is already full of enough evil he discovered his talent for healing and swore to not use his pistol against anyone least they be irredeemably evil.
after spending a lot of time on his ranch watching his sons do all the work for him he decided to use the fortune his family had made to go traveling to spread the good news, help people, and kill Satan’s abominations.
on one such trip to denver he found his granddaughter who he loves but is aware she has picked up some bad habits since she ran away
his worst nightmare is his fight with the black regiment that took out most of his company. he carries the walking stick his friend made for him when he lost his ability to walk easily to forever remind him of his failier to protect the lives of his men.

jarimiah wells

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