jacob whateley

one f'ed up son of a gun...


whose possessed by a demon saner then he is. jacob is 6’1" with lank black hair hard pale jade eyes that often look black in shadow or when he’s angry and is rarely seen wearing anything but his pure black uniform of the DDF. for this reason some call him jake the black. though well known for his heroics in the denver riots and his legendary winning streak at cards. those who know him personally know him for the killer he is. he is a practitioner of the black huckster arts and of his families tradition of blood magic. once a battle has progressed pass a warning shot the only prerequisite to surrendering to him is to be dead. he doesn’t even take prisoners when trying to capture someone.


jacob is a promising member of his family but due to a family dispute about something in his past he has left home stealing his families most prized possession the original manuscript of hoyles book of games. he joined the army because its okay to kill people there.

jacob whateley

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