Welcome to the Deadlands!

this campaign is a deadlands reloaded game. its actually a continuation of Chris Gensons deadlands game… mostly because the player playing jacob refused to part with his seasoned character. this is interesting because chris doesn’t like plot points vary much and we ended up with some vary interesting stuff that defies cannon and while i needed to twist it some more to make the plot points smooth (like having to set Chris’s campaign around a year before the flood rather then in 79 like it was originally) it lead to some cool stuff like how the independent nation of Colorado held a conference among the rail barons creating the most of the conditions that are found in the flood. like Colorado making an alliance with DP and the Mormons. the fall out between wastach and DP union blue gaining right to transport on DP rails and Mina’s failed seduction attempt against Chamberlain and the… fall out of that. we are able to set up the story in a better and smoother way then just ‘you pop up on the scene and stuff explodes’.

any way the story so far… Jeremiah Wells came into Denver hoping to find a good church to pray in and to help the city using his special talents. finding a nice little baptist church to conduct his attempt at sanctification. while talking to the pastor he discovered that he also owned a boarding house and knew a lot about what was going on around town. after settling down at his new lodgings with an a irritated (mostly because there was “no gambling, booze, or loose women” to be had in the boarding house) soldier of the newly formed denver defense force(ddf) Wells learned that the city was in an uproar not only had there been the recent change in politics but there was going to be trial of a cattle rustler named morgan who everyone knew was guilty and everyone was geared up for a hanging.
after some political fooling around and the party befriending an Indian scout named silent coyote morgan was found innocent. the party having had a prophetic dream knew the judge was in a deal with a demon to cause chaos was there in the middle of the crowd when riots broke loose at the news. Jeremiah called on a miracle from god to gather some of the crowds attention and convinced them to come with him peacefully and that the law was the law. wells his followers and the ever stealthy silent coyote was lucky to run into their friend Jacob Whateley who’s platoon was on duty in the square. jacob ended up a hero saving that group bringing some order to the square as he beat a retreat and set up a defensible shelter at the boarding house. at night the shelter was raided by thugs that turned out to be morgan’s men.
later wells working as a temp doctor for the DDF learned from a prospector that morgan had went south to the (cursed acording to the miner) mesa driving all the cattle he stole. silent coyote confirmed the story and added that among his people the mesa was sacred to the star people. the party all now working for some form or the other for the DDF at least on a temporary basis headed home and to their surprise among the refugees, having just come from the destroyed theater was Jeremiah’s long lost granddaughter Jillian. after jerimiah going into full blown sermon mode about leaving her father 5 years ago and then coming down when they realized they liked each other and it was their son/father that was the sour grape.
the party on order of the DDF tracked down morgan. running into chupakabaras and the zombies of texas rangers that died looking for morgan the party finally arrived at the black mesa. they then witnessed some of morgans men trying to make deals with the star people advancedbeings from another world. things went down hill and the cowboys started shooting the alians and the party shooting the cowboys until the alians got away. they found some interesting things here 1. the advanced technology of the dead alians and 2 a variety of advanced tech among the cowboys from wastach including an automaton something that only hellstromme’s personal troops have… anything of value was claimed by the party’s token greedy member Jill.
on the return trip jerimiah had some trouble with a jacklope that in the end turned out to be just a nice mother protecting her babies. after saving her from hunters the curse of bad luck was lifted. later in a town where they were resting an indian shamen came in the night and summoned wolves to killed the town in the fight jacob attempted to use his card playing magic for the first time in years and wile reducing the magical wolves to ash he had a magical accident that wielded his demon to his mind. after pastor wells removed the curse the indian placed upon them they discovered false evidence that the shaman was going to plant to frame the confederacy for the attack in an attempt to break the peace. on the shaman’s body they found a ravens feather…
after they got back they were sent after morgan to Nevada. on the way they met hellstormme who denied supporting theives. they made a deal with hellstormme for the patent of the alian blaster and vibro knife but jill hung back on the shielding tech. they ended up at fort 51. they got in at the same time morgan launched an are attack upon the base. in the confusion an underground lab on the base was discovered that had been dedicated to making monsters including vampires for the war effort. morgan let the creatures go while he completed his real objective. after killing the vampires and letting the confederate pows go jerimiah shamed the (damned untrustworthy yankee) last surviving officer (who knew nothing of this project) into helping him track down morgan. jill then raided the armory in the meantime. jacob passed already having more weapons then he knows what to do with. it turns out the attack and most the lab was a ruse and that morgan got away with a magic ritual. a few miles away in a cave the party and following union minions found morgan and his remaining men conducting the ritual. morgan became a demon which started a game of yo-yo jacob as he and his inner demon fought for control. him wanting to run away and his demon wanting to go bow down at the feet of his new master. when he finally won he couldn’t get away because of all the union troops having a heart attack in the doorway. to jill’s great relief jerimiah displayed the badassness of god mowing down morgans remaining men and then double tapping morgan with the sanctified silver bullets that jerimiah had prepared at the beginning of the campaign. morgan disappeared down a pit so deep that it seemed bottomless fleeing before gods might. so ends the first campaign.

marching ever onward into the future